About Us
We are a design services company specializing in transferring your ideas from simple sketches or concepts into fully rendered 3D designs.  We use the latest in modeling software to provide detailed visualizations that can be used for investor meetings, tradeshow presentations or meetings with manufacturing suppliers.  Already have plans but need help securing manufacturing?  Let one of our product engineers review your design and assist in locating the production facility that best suits the needs of you and your product.  Have an idea but do not know how to proceed?  Contact us and let us help you figure out how to proceed. All work is kept confidential for the security of your product until launch or patent approval.  
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Meet The Team
  1. Johnathon Tackett
    Chief Product Engineer
  2. Jason Parker
    Rcididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut en exercitation ullamco laboriquip ex ea re dolor in